U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Program
Distributed Fluorescent Primers

Last update on August 24, 2004

U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Program Distributed Fluorescent Primers were made during the years from 1996 to 2001. A total of 559 pairs of the FL primers were made in 11 sets. They are no longer available from the the U.S. pig genome coordinator. This web page only serve as a resource for those who need to find related information for reference.

Links to older versions of the primer information sheets:

  1. 1998 version
  2. 1999 version
  3. 2000 version
  4. 2001 version
SetsSizeListProducedSets madeAvailibility
Set I63 primer pairsTable 2Feburary, 1996250
Set II33 primer pairsTable 2September, 1996250
Set III52 primer pairsTable 3August, 1997
September 2001
35, 100
Set IV53 primer pairsTable 4March, 1998350
Set V24 primer pairsTable 5May, 1998350
Set VI28 primer pairsTable 6September, 1998350
Set VII51 primer pairsTable 7December, 1998350
Set VIII73 primer pairsTable 8May, 1999350
Set IX91 primer pairsTable 9January, 2000350
Set X41 primer pairsTable 10April, 2001350
Set XI (diversity) 50 primer pairsTable 11October, 2001350


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