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  • Ensembl Pig Gene Downloads
  • The configurable pig data download is powered by BioMart , a query-oriented data management system developed jointly by the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) and the European Bioinformatics Institute (EBI).
  • Pig Genes WishList
  • A Pig gene WishList to help with the community pig genome annotation activities (2009 - 2011). The purpose of this tool was to help users who wish to annotated pig genes of interests by locating the genes to their respective bp locations on each chromosome and sequencing BACs, so that they can bring them into Otterlace for annotations. The data are from two sources: the majority were predicted by the Ensembl gene models and were assigned Ensembl IDs. A significant number of genes not found by the Ensembl gene model were blasted, using known gene sequences - either mRNA or annotated ESTs, to locate them on chromosomes and BACs. The RefSeq matches and orthologous gene information were linked to each gene for the convenience of users in order to bring gene information across species. The tool also served as a check off list such that users can claim his annotated genes and other would not accidentally repeat efforts on the same gene.


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