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  • Annotation information query for Iowa Porcine Assembly (IPA)
  • The Iowa Porcine Assembly (IPA, version 1) is a novel assembly of approximately 1.6 million unique porcine-expressed sequence reads. Itconsists of 140,087 consensus sequences, the Iowa Tentative Consensus (ITC) sequences, and 103,888 singletons. The IPA has been annotated via transfer of information from homologs identified through sequence alignment to NCBI RefSeq based on top BLASTN alignments.
  • Pig EST Database (ISU)
    In a ISU led multi-state pig EST ptoject (1999-2002), a total of 98,988 pig EST sequences were analyzed to search for homologies among pig EST sequences and human genes using BLAST alignment against 97,1000 human UniGene sequences. The similarity among the EST sequences and pig gene sequences was also determined by BLAST alignment against 2,011 pig gene sequences from Genbank
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