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Disclaimer and Terms for Use of Primers

Iowa State University (ISU) provides primers without charge under a grant provided by the USDA. ISU makes no profit from distribution of primers. Therefore, Users of these Primers from Kits agree to be solely responsible for use of the kits. Users agree that ISU shall not be held responsible for User's use of the primers, that ISU shall not be responsible for any consequential or incidental damages.

In providing primers, ISU makes no warranty regarding whether use of the primers may infringe on patent or other intellectual property claims of other parties.

All users of primers provided by ISU agree as follows:

  1. That Users of these primers must acknowledge "the USDA supported U.S. Pig Genome Coordination Project" for the contribution of the primers;
  2. That the User is responsible for determining whether use of the Primer violates any intellectual property rights, including patent rights;
  3. That the User will make no claim against ISU resulting from a third party's claim that the user is infringing on a patent in using primers;
  4. That the primers shall be used only for research purposes only; and
  5. That primers will not be re-conveyed to a third party for a use other than research; and
  6. If the primers are re-conveyed to the third party, that User will indemnify ISU from any claims arising out of use by the third party.

To receive primers, Users should copy this page, sign it, and return it by mail or facsimile to:

	  Dr. Max F. Rothschild   
	  2255 Kildee Hall, Depart.of Animal Science,
	  Iowa State University
	  phone: 515-294-6202,  fax: 515-294-2401
Users may also copy the terms above and e-mail a note to including the terms and the User's assent to them.

I have read and understood all of the above and would like to receive and use the primers under the terms and conditions so stated.

                       __________________________________(name in print)

and would like to see the primer information


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