NRSP-8: NAGRP Pig Genome Coordination Program
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  1. Pig Genome at pre-Ensembl
  2. The Arkdb - Pigs (Roslin Institute, UK)
  3. The USDA MARC Database - Clay Center
  4. Search the USDA-MARC pig map markers
  5. NCBI Pig Genome Project
  6. Danish-Chinese Pig Genome Project
  7. PigGIS (The BGI Pig Genomic Informatics System)
  8. Pig Genome Resources at NCBI
  9. Pig Genome Database Threads at NCBI
  10. Blast pig sequences ( at NCBI | at NAGRP )

  11. Iowa State University Pig EST Project (2000-2001; leagacy web pages only)
  12. Japan Pig EST Data Explorer (PEDE: A database of full-length enriched cDNA libraries and ESTs)
  13. SIGENAE EST Contigs
  14. BAR-PIG - Statistically validated annotation of Sus Scrofa protein sequences
  15. Pig EST sequences and their annotations
  16. ReCGiP - Database of Reproduction Candidate Genes in Pigs based on bibliomics

  17. The Pig Single Nucleiotide Polymorphism (SNP) database

  18. Overview of all QTL-mapping Projects in Pigs
  19. Pig QTL database ( NAGRP - Iowa State University | NCBI )

  20. Database of Genome Sizes
  21. Pig Breeds

Gene Catalogs

  1. Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (OMIA)
  2. Gene Index (SsGI)
  3. Online Cytogenetics of Animals (OCOA)
  4. Catalog of Porcine Endocrinology and Reproduction Genes
  5. Porcine Immunology and Nutrition database (NRFL)
  6. Recent Progress in Gene Mapping Activities

Gene Maps

Pig Genome on GBrowse (Assembly v.9, December 2009)

Linkage Maps

  1. The Arkdb Map Viewer at Roslin, UK
  2. The USDA MARC Swine Map Viewer at Clay Center (1) - A image map view
  3. The USDA MARC Swine Map Viewer at Clay Center (2) - A Java Tool Map
  4. The USDA MARC Swine Map Viewer at NCBI
  5. Search the USDA-MARC maps
  6. Radiation Hybrid (RH) Map: The INRA-UMN Map
  7. Radiation Hybrid (RH) Map: UNR 1st Generation Map
  8. Radiation Hybrid (RH) Map: UIUC RH Map (2005)
  9. QTLnetMinerPig - Demonstration of candidate gene discovery in the Pig genome.

  10. Submit data for linkage analysis

Physical Maps

  1. Clickable Pig Cytogenetic Map
  2. Sanger WebChrom: porcine physical map
  3. Alignment of Porcine FPC Clones to Linkage Maps
  4. The Cytogenetic Map of the Pig (INRA, Fr)
  5. Introduction to INRA Somatic Cell Hybrid Panel
    • How to perform a regional assignment?
    • How to interprete your PCR data?
  6. INRA Somatic Cell Hybrid Panel Data Evaluation Form
  7. Porcine physical maps - Sanger
  8. Pig Karyotypes

Comparative maps

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