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Subject: Online course: Meta-analysis in R - 13-16 May
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Dear all,

there are still a few seats available for the online course on Meta-analysis
in R, happening in May (13-16).

Course website:

This course provides an overview and introduction to modern methods for
meta-analysis. The course covers a comprehensive overview of systematic
review and meta-analysis processes, including problem specification, search
methods, data extraction, quality evaluation, statistical analysis, model
interpretation, and result presentation. It delves into parameter estimation
for quantifying individual study results and overall literature findings.
Additionally, it explores how statistical artifacts can affect study
consistency and methods to mitigate biases using random-effects meta-analysis
and meta-regression. Participants will learn about moderator analysis,
interpretation of average effects, and corrections for various statistical
artifacts. The course also addresses model diagnostics, sensitivity analyses,
and modern techniques for detecting publication bias. Finally, it discusses
meta-analysis within the broader context of systematic review, emphasizing
principles for reliable, transparent, and reproducible research. Through a
blend of lectures, hands-on tutorials, and practice exercises using real
datasets, participants will gain practical skills in analyzing and
interpreting meta-analytic results using R and packages like metafor and

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,


Carlo Pecoraro, Ph.D

Physalia-courses DIRECTOR
mobile: +49 17645230846



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