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Subject: Invitation to Plant and Animal Genome (PAG) ASIA
       2024 Conference
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2024 10:22:09 -0500

Dear AnGenMap members

I hope this email finds you well. As PAG ASIA 2024 are just around 50 days
away, scheduled to take place from June 5th to 7th in Shenzhen, China, I am
writing to provide you with some information and extend an invitation for
your participation.

The conference will feature a series of workshops focusing on various
aspects of animal genetics and genomics. Here are some of the workshops
scheduled in the animal field:

1. Whole-Genome Resequencing of Major Populations Revealed Domestication-
Related Genes in Yaks (Organized by Jiabo Wang, Southwest Minzu University,
Chengdu, China)

2. Application of Comparative Genomics and Gene Editing for Climate Change
in Animals (by Kwan Suk Kim, Department of Animal Science, Chungbuk
National University, Cheongju-Si, Chungbuk-do, South Korea)

3. Animal Multiomic Tool Development and Application (Zhonglin Tang and
Haibo Huang, Agricultural Genomics Institute at Shenzhen, CAAS, Shenzhen,
Guangdong, China)

4. Camel Genomic and Genetic Improvement (Faisal Almathen, King Faisal
University, Al- Hasa, Saudi Arabia)

Additionally, there will be a separate student workshop, and we look
forward to your interest and participation.

For more detailed information, please visit the link provided below.

We sincerely hope you can join us at the conference and contribute to the
exchange of  knowledge and ideas in the field of animal genomics in Asia.

Best regards,

Kwan-Suk Kim
Professor of Animal Genomics and Molecular Biology
Chungbuk National Univeristy, South Korea



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