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Subject: nf-core animal genomics special interest group
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Dear everyone,

We are excited to announce that the EuroFAANG pipelines group dedicated to
the bioinformatics of farmed animal genomics is now expanding and becoming
an nf-core Special Interest Group for animal genomics This new nf-core
initiative is bringing together users and developers with common scientific
interests (

Our group will serve as a communication platform for Nextflow and nf-core
users, as well as pipeline developers working in animal genomics. Every
month, the meeting will host a talk. The focus will be method-oriented and
feature contributors from flagship genomics projects (ENCODE, GTEx, Earth
BioGenome, etc.). Group members contributions are also highly welcome.
We will also organize round tables and discussions on the implementation of
best-practices bioinformatic pipelines. For instance, we are planning to
explore how to deploy nf-core (and other WfMs) as a standard in animal
genomics analyses. Other topics are welcome.

This month, we are honored to announce Christa Khn, president of the
Friedrich Loeffler Institute, BovReg project coordinator and former
coordinator of EuroFAANG RI, as the inaugural speaker on Wednesday, April
17th. Christa is well-known in the bovine field for her important
contributions to animal genetics. Her talk will be followed by a round
table where the structure of the series will be announced and discussed
with the participants.

The group aims to be as inclusive as possible and anyone interested is
welcome. Please join us on the nf-core Slack under and then join the Special Interest Group channel
#animal-genomics there
You will then receive the periodic invitation to the online meetings that
take place on the third Wednesday of each month at 16:00 CET/CEST.

Please share this invite with anyone who might be interested and contact if you have any questions!

Find below the zoom details for the first meeting:

Jose Espinosa-Carrasco is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: Animal Genomics nf-core Special Interest Group meeting
Time: Apr 17, 2024 04:00 PM Barcelona
Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 943 5437 5573

Some of Christas publications:

Thaller, G., Khn, C., Winter, A., Ewald, G., Bellmann, O., Wegner, J.,
... & Fries, R. (2003). DGAT1, a new positional and functional candidate
gene for intramuscular fat deposition in cattle. Animal genetics, 34(5),

Khn, C., Bennewitz, J., Reinsch, N., Xu, N., Thomsen, H., Looft, C., ...
& Kalm, E. (2003). Quantitative trait loci mapping of functional traits in
the German Holstein cattle population. Journal of dairy science, 86(1),

Koch, F., Thom, U., Albrecht, E., Weikard, R., Nolte, W., Kuhla, B., &
Kuehn, C. (2019). Heat stress directly impairs gut integrity and recruits
distinct immune cell populations into the bovine intestine. Proceedings of
the National Academy of Sciences, 116(21), 10333-10338.



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