NAGRP Computers and Services

Over the past several years, the NRSP-8 Bioinformatics Coordination Program has assembled hardware and software resources to help meet the needs of the animal genome community for free.

Currently, we have four computer servers; each is designed to meet specific needs of the community:

  1. A dual 8 Core RedHat Linux 7 Server, in service since 2016.
    This server will be dedicated for developing/hosting web sites, databases and online database tools, data repository, and custom community services.
  2. A quad core Xeon RedHat Linux 5 Server, in service since 2009.
    This server is dedicated for hosting web sites, databases and a number of web interfaced bioinformatics tools, and community services.
  3. An CentOS Linux storage server, in service since 2007.
    This 36 TB storage server is dedicated to store data.
All these servers are physically located at Iowa State University and connected with high-speed optical fiber to internet and Internet II, so that they are readily accessible to the NRSP-8 members as well as the international research community, by http, ftp, ssh, Remote Desktop, etc.

Available services include but not limited to:

  • virtual machine: site hosting
  • web hosting
  • database hosting
  • shared materials hosting (accessible via ftp/web)
  • public/private data repository
  • other services
We also have experience with
  • design and deployment of databases
  • design, setup, and maintenance of web sites
  • bioinformatic strategies managing laboratory data
  • structural genome data mining
Given that the vast array of research interests of NRSP-8 members, we welcome suggestion / discussions on how we can work together to better meet the needs of the NRSP-8 community.

NRSP-8 members are encouraged to send us your requests or proposals.

Please see this list for successful stories from collaborative projects we have developed over the years.

PS 1:
List of computer servers that form platforms to facilitate project developments.

PS 2:


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