Pig Genome Update No. 76

January 1, 2006

  1. PAG XIV & NRSP8/NC1004 Meeting will be held January 14-18
  2. The Alliance for Animal Genome Research met in Chicago
  3. The National Swine Improvement Federation meeting was held
  4. First European Conference on Pig Genomics will be held February 20-21
  5. AFFY Pig chips available for limited experimentation
  6. Upcoming meetings (10 items)

Happy Holidays and New Year to you, your families and colleagues!!

PAG XIV & NRSP8/NC1004 Meeting will be held January 14-18. 2006 at the Town and Country Hotel, San Diego, CA. A draft program is already available at www.intl-pag.org/ and looks to be another good year. The NRSP8 swine committee meets jointly with NC1004 and will be jointly chaired by Joe Cassidy and Zhihua Jiang. It will be held on Saturday January 14, 2006 beginning at 8:00 am in Royal Palm Salon 1 & 2. The International Swine Genome Sequencing meeting will be chaired by Larry Schook and will be held Sunday, 15 at noon-2 pm In Royal Palm Salon 5. General information regarding PAG may be found at
http://www.intl-pag.org/ For those wishing to attend the weekend session only, you may sign-up for reduced registration. Some limited travel support may be available for NRSP-8 members. If interested please contact Max Rothschild at mfrothsc@iastate.edu.


The Alliance for Animal Genome Research met in Chicago. Illinois on October 27 and 28th. This was the first face-to-face meeting of many of the members of the Alliance. The original mission and purpose of the Alliance was presented by Roger Wyse. Status reports and plans for current animal sequencing projects were presented for Avian, Bovine, Companion Animal, Ovine and Porcine species. Discussion ensued about revising the mission of the Alliance from sequencing of livestock species to obtainment of funds for functional genomics research. All participants agreed that this should become the focus of future efforts. In addition, it was agreed that there was a great need to continue the efforts of the Alliance. However, it was recognized that continued funding of the Alliance was necessary to continue these efforts. If you have questions about the Alliance you are encouraged to contact Kelly Eversole by email at kellye@erols.com (kindly provided by Jim Reecy).


The National Swine Improvement Federation meeting was held December 1 and 2, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The National Swine Improvement Federation cosponsored the meeting with the Canadian Centre for Swine Improvement. The program provided an international perspective with speakers from Asia, Europe, Canada and the United States. Speakers addressed timely topics related to international genetic improvement strategies, sow herd productivity, welfare initiatives, perspectives on pork quality, and germplasm preservation. Proceedings will be placed on the web in the next few months at www.nsif.com. A special thanks goes to our Canadian hosts and the NSIF officers for planning and hosting the meeting.


First European Conference on Pig Genomics organized by COST European Network for Pig Genomics PigNet will be in Lodi, Italy on February 20-21, 2006. The objective of this conference is to provide a broad overview of cutting-edge genomics in various areas with a strong emphasis on the pig. This meeting is aimed at connecting search groups involved in Pig genomics (www.toulouse.inra.fr/pignet). On-line registration and poster submission is now open at: http://www.avenuemedia.it/htdocs/linkCONG/Pignet2006/indice_pignet.htm


AFFY Pig chips available for limited experimentation. In a continuing effort to help researchers try new platforms and ideas the Pig Genome Coordinator will make available 6 chips to qualified requests. To qualify you must be a pig NRSP-8 group and have never used this technology. You must also acknowledge the receipt of these from the Pig Genome Coordination program in all publications. To request a set of 6 chips please contact Max Rothschild at mfrothsc@iastate.edu.


Upcoming meetings (see: http://www.animalgenome.org/pigs/community/meetings.html )

Items for Pig Genome Update 77 can be sent to me by no later than February 15 please.

A special thanks to friends and colleagues for your help and support. Please take some time off to enjoy the holidays!!

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