Pedigree Info Entry Steps

 1. Essential info — Initial entry of basic data, REQUIRED:
      - Birth place (location, farm)
      - Birth date
      - Birth Sex
      - BirthID (assigned at the farm or in the lab)
      - Other birth time info (presentartion, season, TWorET, etc)

 2. Basic info — Add to pedigree when data is available
      - PreRegID: In intrim ID, formed based on BirthID, BreedAsso, and other info
      - Dam BirthID (may be from parentage tests)
      - Sire BirthID (may be from parentage tests)
       (Parents BirthIDs can be looked up from Intl_ID, PreRegID, or RegID)

 3. Additional info — Add when available
      - RegID: Breed Registration ID; Multiple registers possible
      - Intl_ID: 1000 Bull Project ID
      - ISUBPID: ISU Breeding Project ID (aka. 'BLUP ID')
      - HealthID: "Health" project ID
      - DummyID: