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Subject: Pioneers of Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (PMIA)
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Dear OMIA Support group

Did you know that:

Mendel was actually mentioned (as a hybridiser) in a talk given at the London
Hybrid Conference in 1899, attended by Bateson and de Vries?

In 1902, Bateson and Saunders presented a very clear statement of how
variation in a continuous trait can result from the combined effect of many
Mendelian factors and non-genetic factors; and Castle called this a “pregnant
suggestion” in early 1903?

Charles Darwin wrote a letter to Nature in 1880 to do with black sheep in
Australian flocks?

The pedigree and phenotypic data used to establish the Mendelian inheritance
of black wool came from the flock records of Alexander Graham Bell, and that
these records are now viewable on the internet?

All this, and more, is revealed in a series of commentaries, under the banner
of Pioneers of Mendelian Inheritance in Animals (PMIA; ) launched on the OMIA web site on 8th
July, in the lead-up to the bicentenary of Mendel’s birth, which is either
today or 22nd July (see the latest News item on the OMIA home page). More
commentaries will be added over the next few months.

With our best wishes

Frank and Imke

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