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Subject: A popup fundraiser for OMIA
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Dear OMIA supporters,

A couple of recent failures of OMIA to reboot after server maintenance,
combined with the continual need for enhancements to the OMIA
database/website, have reinforced in my mind the need for a part-time
software engineer who is familiar with OMIA and who can be called upon to
resolve emergencies and to provide enhancements.

Also, although I am still very healthy, as someone now into his 8th decade
I am increasingly aware of the need to plan for OMIA's continuation after I
am no longer able to contribute.

In this context, I have been encouraged to see that OMIM (on which OMIA is
modelled) has, since 2016, been appealing for donations via a popup, just
like you see in Wikipedia from time to time. If you go to OMIM's Donate
tab, you can see that they have received hundreds of donations each year.

I am planning to create a donation popup for OMIA, programmed (as OMIM's
is) to appear only once every few weeks for each person accessing the site.
Each donation will be acknowledged with a formal receipt from the
University of Sydney.

In the foreseeable future, all of the donated funds will be devoted to
retaining a part-time software engineer to respond to emergencies and to
provide enhancements. In the longer term, some of the funds may be
allocated to retaining a part-time head curator, when I am no longer able
to fulfil that role.

I have no idea of the extent to which this will be successful, but it seems
to me that there is nothing to lose by trying.

I would greatly appreciate your feedback on this plan.

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