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From  Mon Apr 20 22:07:40 2015
From: Jill Maddox <>
To: Multiple Recipients of <>
Subject: CRI-MAP update - version 2.507 can now be downloaded
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 22:07:40 -0500

Hi All

An updated version of CRI-MAP (2.507) has been uploaded to the page.

The main change in this version pertains to the implementation of a version
of parallelisation for multi-cpu machines for functions such as all and
flips and for functions that use these e.g. build. The form of
parallelisation used will work for Linux (tested using gcc/g++ versions
4.7.2 and 4.1.2), should work for Unix, Solaris and MacOS (needs testing)
but will not work for Windows. There are some
other changes in 2.507 including some bug fixes. More information can  
be obtained in the documentation (crimap2_507.doc) that is in the  
crimap2.507.tgz file. 

I'm still working on a pedigree splitting module to break down pedigrees
into optimal family subsets for use with CRI-MAP but it still has a way to
go as does Ian's new map module that builds faster maps.




Jill Maddox 16 Park Square Port Melbourne, 3207 Australia phone: 03 9646
0428 E-mail:




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