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From  Fri Apr 19 11:28:41 2013
From: Rama Bangera <>
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To: Multiple Recipients of <>
Subject: Crimap Error Message
Date: Fri, 19 Apr 2013 11:28:41 -0500


We are trying to prepare a genetic map using SNP (10900 SNPs) data from 75
full-sid (and half sib) families from about 1500 individuals ( candidates
plus parents). at the end we have following error message :-

Marker # 10909 Marker # 10910 Marker # 10911 Marker # 10912

Performing calculations, please wait... NOTE WELL: The following markers

        M10900        M10761        M10700        M10695 
M10686        M10576 
        M10277         M9975         M9881         M9846 
M9756         M9748 
         M9746         M9734         M9692         M9581 
M9575         M9537 
         M9520         M9349         M9222         M9134 
M9125         M9105 
There are 59541328 values to compute. 
*** - /: division by zero 

Can someone please tell me more about cause of this error message. 

thanks RB Norway



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