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Bioinformatics is the application of computer, statistics, and other field of sciences to the management and dissemination of biological information, especially genomics/genetics information. Bioinformatics is becomiong an essential infrastructure supporting both researches and industries. As such, the diverse needs of the current animal genomics research presents a huge challenge to bioinformatics research, applications and tools developments. The NRSP8 proposals in (2003, 2005, 2013, 2018) provided strategic / directional outlines of such needs. In brief, the challenges in bioinformatics support/research for animal genomics may involve

  • Effective data collection, organization and management
  • Rapid development of most needed bioinformatics tools and resources
  • Efficient use of these tools for innovative data analysis
We at NRSP-8 bioinformatics coordination program strive to serve the animal genomics research community to better use computer tools and methods, to best utilize available resources, and in working with researchers in the community, to effectively share, combine, manage, manipulate, and analyze information from genomics/genetics studies.



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